Earth isn’t a prison. It’s simply a place you visit occasionally.

Randy Lee Higgins, pH.D.

Answers to an Apocalypse

This book was written in the state of breathless Samadhi, on a cell phone. Pithy mystical aphorisms began arriving from “ourselves in the future”. These future selves have survived the cataclysm we are currently undergoing and want to extend a hand to help us through the Apocalyptic labyrinth safely to the other side. This journey is not what is expected. The price of admission to the New Earth turns out to be realization of every terror we’ve ever imagined. Turns out, it was only ourselves we were afraid of in the first place! The final reward is the acceptance and embracing of this glorious terrifying Self. What we were looking for is what is looking for us.
Randy Higgins has assembled a book unlike most others. In a series of vignette-like passages, some describing dreams, others offering advice for the future, and still more examining the very nature of being a human in a troubled world. With near-prophetic prose, Randy’s notes combine into a collection of aphorisms that transcend individual experience and provide supernatural guidance for life on The New Earth. Intriguing throughout, Randy is calling for a whole new way of thinking that will strike a chord with many readers.
J.J. Hebert, #1 bestselling author featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur and Business Insider
Many humans have never experienced the state of complete inner peace and mental clarity found in deep meditational practice. “Samadhi” is a state of Zen so calming it is said that one’s breath – even the heart –goes into cessation. Imagine that your mind is so clear and connected, you are receptive to messages from a future time. Perhaps those messages are from a future self? Author and Ph.D. Randy Lee Higgins has achieved this breathless Samadhi through his daily spiritual work. Salvo was written in 2020 during unsettling political and economic times. It is an account of messages received from “the other side” of the Apocalypse by its survivors in the New Earth. The series of simple, yet profound, lessons touch on topics such as the ego, the self, acceptance, reality, and humanity. Our perception of life, death, love, time, suffering, and most other areas of human concern, seems to be preventing us from experiencing true joy and inner peace. Apparently we have much to learn from extraterrestrial wisdom found in the New Earth, and Randy Lee Higgins delivers this through Salvo. It is common knowledge that most of our pain is self-inflicted. The sooner we shift our routine thought processes that harm our psyche every day, the less and less pain we will endure on this earthly journey. Higgins emphasizes the mind-body connection as it relates to illness, injury, balance, and harmony. Resistance of what is and living outside of the present moment are substantial contributing factors to our suffering. The lesson is that what we’re seeking, planning, waiting for is already right here. We just need to look inward and be present long enough to recognize and embrace these truths. These essential lessons are delivered in words that are simple, straight-forward, powerful, and sometimes comical. After all if we can’t laugh at this crazy experience, we’re probably missing the point. Journey with Randy Lee Higgins as I have, through the Apocalypse and back to the now, via the pages of Salvo… You’ll be thankful you did.
By Kevin Harrington Original Shark from ABC’s “Shark Tank” and Bestselling Author

No one has a monopoly on suffering.
Jews don’t. Blacks don’t. Gays don’t.
Just ask any chicken, or cow, or pig.