Earth isn’t a prison. It’s simply a place you visit occasionally.

Randy Lee Higgins, pH.D.

Beyond Nirbikalpa

If you’ve ever meditated, you probably noticed that it usually doesn’t go anywhere. Even if you grabbed mediation with both hands, it probably never grabbed you back! Well, all that’s about to change. What if you had access to the same teachers that taught the Buddha, Lao Tzu, Ramakrishna, Christ? What if you forgot everything you ever learned about meditation and instead, got it straight from the horse’s mouth, direct from the Fountainhead, from the original TEACHERS FROM THE STARS, independent of any religion, creed or dogma? Well, buckle up because you’re about take a ride on your very own UFO. Explore the universe first hand. Stop relying on second-hand or third-hand sources. Become an explorer, an EXPERT based on you own direct, immediate, private experience. Learn to see yourself, and your world, though eyes that are not of this world. You don’t need a new self, or a new world. Once you get this new pair of eyes, your world will never be the same again. In fact, you will ask, “World? What world?” Because now you will be dwelling among the stars, a proud citizen of this — or any — universe.
This book is not an easy read. But it will open doors for you that have always been out of reach.

It is a strange book. A silly book. But — you will find: NO LESS IS AT STAKE THAN THE SALVATION OF THE WORLD.

So jump into this book, if you dare.

Find out where it takes you.

Find out where it takes your world!


I also guarantee:

YOU WILL HAVE THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE. From one psychonaut to another, Randy Lee Higgins, Ph.D.