Your writing is a treasury of enlightened wisdom.
-- Andres Gosis, curandero

Holy Love

What if we’ve been doing love all wrong? What if love wasn’t something to yearn for, or suffer over? What if love, and the people and animals and things we love, were as sure as the sun coming up in the morning? As stable and reliable as our house, or the city or town we live in, or the mountains or plains or oceans in our environment?

For the first time in our world, full enlightenment is available to the masses. Needless to say, when you are enlightened, you love differently. You “do” love differently. Love happens to you differently. There is a whole new set of “rules.” For one thing, love isn’t something you have to seek. When you walk up to a mirror, you don’t worry that your refection won’t be there. You don’t have to peep around the mirror frame and say, “Where are you?” Likewise, when you look into the mirror of your world, the you looking back is bound to be there! Looking back, and loving you back.

Humanity is rapidly evolving into something different, something holier, something transdimensional. The chrysalis lies lifeless on the ground, and there you flit! Of course you will be helping other caterpillars along on their journey, but most of all you will be wondrously beholding other bright and beautiful butterflies, flitting as you are, in your newfound freedom. Can you imagine these new relationships, based on freedom and expansion, exploring together these newfound dimensions of love, and light, and joy, and bliss?

You are ready for this. You know you are ready for this.

Bam! That just sent a bolt of lightening right into my gut. That is a description of my life that I have never been able to articulate. It brought tears to my eyes. Holy Love is stirring things up in me and healing me in ways I didn't think were possible. Thank you a million times over for this gift.
-- Alysha Hawk, CYT, trauma informed yoga teacher

All I can think of to say is.......WOW !
-- Christopher Kilborne, psychonaut