Earth isn’t a prison. It’s simply a place you visit occasionally.

Randy Lee Higgins, pH.D.

"After the Rapture, by Randy Lee Higgins, is the story of the author's winding spiritual path through the trials and tribulations of his life so far. In addition to being very highly educated, Randy has always had an open mind and willingness to explore any experience that would bring him closer to understanding how to move through life with an open heart and true acceptance of the world around him. His journey has included, among other things, drug addiction, sexual excess, homelessness; all of which he has used as learning experiences to help embrace the idea of what death actually is and how to have peace in life now. Reading about his experiences is sometimes shocking, but you can't help but admire his open-heartedness and wonder and willingness to really dive deep and learn his own truths."
#1 bestselling author J.J. Hebert

Answers to an Apocalypse

This book was written in the state of breathless Samadhi, on a cell phone. Pithy mystical aphorisms began arriving from “ourselves in the future”. These future selves have survived the cataclysm we are currently undergoing and want to extend a hand to help us through the Apocalyptic labyrinth safely to the other side. This journey is not what is expected. The price of admission to the New Earth turns out to be realization of every terror we’ve ever imagined. Turns out, it was only ourselves we were afraid of in the first place! The final reward is the acceptance and embracing of this glorious terrifying Self. What we were looking for is what is looking for us.

After the Rapture A Real Life Fable

Journeys are rarely straight lines. Unlike a committed tradition such as, say, Buddhism or Catholicism, this is the spiritual path of “Whatever Life Throws At You.” In the tradition of Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi and Ram Das’s Be Here Now, this “little Baptist boy” leads you through the arduous spiritual journey of apostasy, mystical psychosis, sexual excess, drug addiction, homelessness and finally embracing death, all in a quest not only to know, but to ultimately become, All That Is.

Beyond Nirbikalpa

If you’ve ever meditated, you probably noticed that it usually doesn’t go anywhere. Even if you grabbed mediation with both hands, it probably never grabbed you back! Well, all that’s about to change. What if you had access to the same teachers that taught the Buddha, Lao Tzu, Ramakrishna, Christ? What if you forgot everything you ever learned about meditation and instead, got it straight from the horse’s mouth, direct from the Fountainhead, from the original TEACHERS FROM THE STARS, independent of any religion, creed or dogma? Well, buckle up because you’re about take a ride on your very own UFO. Explore the universe first hand. Stop relying on second-hand or third-hand sources. Become an explorer, an EXPERT based on you own direct, immediate, private experience. Learn to see yourself, and your world, though eyes that are not of this world. You don’t need a new self, or a new world. Once you get this new pair of eyes, your world will never be the same again. In fact, you will ask, “World? What world?” Because now you will be dwelling among the stars, a proud citizen of this — or any — universe.

Holy Love

What if we’ve been doing love all wrong? What if love wasn’t something to yearn for, or suffer over? What if love, and the people and animals and things we love, were as sure as the sun coming up in the morning? As stable and reliable as our house, or the city or town we live in, or the mountains or plains or oceans in our environment?

For the first time in our world, full enlightenment is available to the masses. Needless to say, when you are enlightened, you love differently. You “do” love differently. Love happens to you differently. There is a whole new set of “rules.” For one thing, love isn’t something you have to seek. When you walk up to a mirror, you don’t worry that your refection won’t be there. You don’t have to peep around the mirror frame and say, “Where are you?” Likewise, when you look into the mirror of your world, the you looking back is bound to be there! Looking back, and loving you back.

Humanity is rapidly evolving into something different, something holier, something transdimensional. The chrysalis lies lifeless on the ground, and there you flit! Of course you will be helping other caterpillars along on their journey, but most of all you will be wondrously beholding other bright and beautiful butterflies, flitting as you are, in your newfound freedom. Can you imagine these new relationships, based on freedom and expansion, exploring together these newfound dimensions of love, and light, and joy, and bliss?

You are ready for this. You know you are ready for this.

No one has a monopoly on suffering.
Jews don’t. Blacks don’t. Gays don’t.
Just ask any chicken, or cow, or pig.

Randy Higgins PH D

Randy was born in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. After graduating summa cum laude from Virginia Tech and receiving a master’s degree in Family Therapy, he completed his doctoral degree at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto, CA. By far, most of his education was delivered by the “School of Hard Knocks.” His gift is in seeing the miracle in everything, even in a tragedy — even in the current global catastrophe. He is now back in the Blue Ridge Mountains, in the house he grew up in, where he is looking forward to growing old and dying. Or not.

I will solve for you a  great mystery.

This is how relationships work:

You know the idea of two ships passing in the night.

You see something beautiful in the distance and you say, “Aaah…” It sets your heart aflutter.

It grows closer and you say, “This is real.” Love can blossom so beautifully.

But you are going your path and they are going theirs. Loyalty must of necessity be to your own souls, and not to each other.

This self-integrity mandates a  gradual pulling away, first barely noticeable, and then very noticeable. At this point either grief will set in, or joy, depending on the level of your development.

Eventually the connection is lost. And one day you look, and they are no longer there.

Once again, you are by yourself with your own soul. WHICH IS NOT A BAD THING.

You will know that when they come back around, maybe in a  thousand years, you will recognize them, and your heart will leap with joy! You know it will be inconceivably richer this time, and many of the snags will be long laid to rest. In their place will be forgiveness, and more than that, celebration.

This time  — maybe  — joy can permeate the entire cycle.